Hong Kong Tiananmen Massacre vigil group disbands following pressure from authorities

The group behind Hong Kong’s annual Tiananmen Massacre vigil has decided to disband after 32 years following a vote at a special meeting on Saturday. It comes after months of pressure from the authorities and the arrest of the group’s leadership.

Founded in the year of the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre, the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China fought for accountability from Beijing, advocated the democratization of China, and sought an end to one-party rule.

During Saturday’s vote, 41 members voted in favor of disbanding, whilst four voted against.

Speaking to the press afterwards, Company Secretary of the Alliance Richard Tsoi said he was “sad” about the disbandment: “I do believe Hong Kong people, no matter in [an] individual capacity or other capacities, will continue commemorating June 4th as before.”

Tsoi added that he will visit the grave of Alliance founder Szeto Wah, as he believed that – were he still alive – Szeto would use all means to think how to preserve their energy and people’s hope. “I believe that [Szeto] was a principled person, and also someone who valued the group’s safety and how to advance and retreat depending on the political environment,” Tsoi said… read more >

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